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About This Toolkit

We are grateful for your partnership. For 35 years, we have partnered with publishers and content developers to help connect students with meaningful resources. Collaborations between MetaMetrics and publishers have inspired and produced some of the best education products in the industry.

More state education agencies than ever before are leveraging Lexile measures to accelerate learning and help students graduate ready for success in college and careers. That means more students are using the textbooks, trade books, educational series and other content that is measured and added to the Framework each day. The accuracy and flexibility of the Framework make it a stigma-free way to communicate achievements and goals with students, parents, employers and educators. It is our pleasure to support you in the implementation of Lexile measures.

Malbert Smith

President, Co-founder and CEO of MetaMetrics

Introductory Guides for Publishers and Content Developers

In this section of the Toolkit, we provide pdf guides to help you and your staff become acquainted with the Lexile Framework and the benefits of using Lexile text measures. Learn all about the value that Lexile text measures bring to your product or service.

We’re Here to Help!

Our team at MetaMetrics shares your vision for each student being ready to meet reading demands for college and career life. As partners in that work, we are here to support your efforts in understanding and using the Lexile Framework to help meet your goals. Emily Weller will serve as your primary support contact. Please reach out with any questions and feedback you have.

Emily Weller

Sr. Manager, Partner Success

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